Fundraising Campaign for Young Farmers Gathering in March, 2019

The National Farmers Union in Ontario is running a crowdfunding campaign for its farm youth convergence in 2019, and has reached more than 85% of its goal of $8000.  With the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario matching donations, any money contributed at this point will be matched by EFAO.
Your donation to this convergence will help young farmers develop the skills and networks they need to succeed, and it will show young farmers that we support them. 

If you can donate even a small amount, it will also show government that regular people care about young farmers, and that government needs to step up.  It will also remind policy-makers that, since we all eat, what’s good for young farmers is good for everyone. 
Read more here: https://nfuontario.ca/new/help-us-support-young-farmers/
Donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/farm-youth-gathering-2019-nfu
Watch for more information about the young farmers gathering in this e-news and on the NFU Ontario website.



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