Good News for the Farmersville Community Abattoir

The Food Inspection Branch of OMAFRA performed their €˜final inspection€™ of the Abattoir on Friday, October 7.  It went very well, with only minor changes to be made.  We expect that we will be given our license to operate as a slaughterhouse on October 14th.


We have scheduled a €˜test kill€™ for Tuesday, October 18th, with 6 animals (2 beef, 2 hogs, 2 lambs). The Regional Manager of the Food Inspection Branch and the Regional Veterinarian will be present. 


Provided that all goes well, we expect that Wednesday, October 19th, will be our first day of operation. We are hoping that our regular slaughter day will be Wednesdays.


Thank you to all who have given us so much support during this long and difficult process. 


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Barbara Schaefer
Farmersville Community Abattoir

613-924-0400 plant
613-340-7353 cell





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