Healthy Living EXPO, May 6 in Belleville, looking for farmer and food vendors (discounted price for a booth)

Farmers and food providers can book a booth at Healthy Living EXPO for $75 for the day (a 50% discount on the regular cost).
These booths will be in the "Foodie Market”, where local restaurants, farmers, food suppliers, (anything food related!) can feature their products, sell samples or dishes and talk with the local community about healthy eating. 
The EXPO will be held at Centennial Secondary School, Belleville, 9 am to 4 pm, with information sessions and exhibitors related to fitness, wellness and healthy choices.
Anyone interested can download exhibitor applications on the website www.healthylivingnow.ca/expo.
Email the application to Lori Mitchell <hlnpublisher@cogeco.ca>
As well, Ms. Mitchell is looking for a chef to do demonstrations throughout the day.  If interested, contact her at <hlnpublisher@cogeco.ca>



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