Just Food's 2019 Start-up Farm Program -- application deadline Nov. 18

Started in 2012, the Just Food Farm is where people and projects come together to model and inspire small-scale, viable agriculture businesses and initiatives in the Ottawa region. Located on a 150 acre farmstead in the Ottawa Greenbelt on the west side of Blackburn Hamlet, the Just Food Farm is ideally situated on the #94 bus route and bike paths, with a unique network of pathways that make exploring the varied activities a pleasure.

The Start-Up Farm Program provides access to land, training, and shared infrastructure and equipment, within a mutually supportive and ecologically sustainable environment. Just Food also provide training and supports to new and established producers throughout the Ottawa region.
Just Food is ready to accept your applications for the 2019 Start-up Farm Program. If you haven't already done so, please read Just Food's updated Start-up Farm Program info carefully, and download the application from the 'Application Process and Selection Criteria' portion of this page on their website: http://justfood.ca/start-up-farm-program/
Applications are due November 18, 2018. Short-listed applicants will be notified by November 26, when we will call to set up an in-person interview.
If you want more information on the Start-up Farm program, or if you have any questions, email <phil@justfood.ca> or visit the website <justfood.ca>




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