Local 316 NFU publishes "Plan to Grow"

Scaling Up local food in Kingston and Countryside

National Farmers Union Local 316 is pleased to present the final report of the Plan to Grow action research project, funded through our NFU New Farm Project.

In this report, you will find priorities identified by a wide range of people interested in a more sustainable food and farm system in this area -- farmers, processors, distributors, restaurateurs, food security advocates, and eaters. We encourage you to use this report as a starting point for conversations, goal-setting and actions aimed at developing our local food and farm economy, and we welcome feedback on the ideas included in the report. Please send any questions or comments to: info@fooddowntheroad.ca

The NFU is a national organization that advocates for farm families operating small to medium-sized farms in Canada. At our local level (the counties of Frontenac and LennoxAddington and the city of Kingston), we have been working to help build the food and farm system -- a goal that we believe benefits all people in our region.

Recognizing that food issues are farm issues, and farm issues are food issues, we have consciously involved farm and non-farm members of the community in our food system 


1. NFU Feast of Fields events in 2004, 2005 and 2006

2. Save Our Seeds campaign in 2004/05

3. Food Down the Road initiative in 2007

4. Seed Summit in 2008

5. NFU New Farm Project (2008-2012)

6. publication of our local food newspaper, Food Down the Road (previously called 

The Local Harvest) and 

7. other activities for social and economic justice in food and farm-related issues.

Our food system activities have benefited greatly from the creativity, commitment and hard work of farm and non-farm participants, and we are grateful for all these contributions and for the friendships that have resulted. Collaboration, connections and communication will remain a central part of our work building the food and farm community.

In union is strength.


Dianne Dowling, President,

Local 316, National Farmers Union

Open Report (49 pages)
Open Summary Report (7 pages)

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