NFU-O is hiring a Local Food Communications Contractor

March 27, 2017
The National Farmers Union – Ontario (NFU-O) has received funding to implement a project entitled Building a Network of Local Food Advocates.  In this project, we will reach out to influential “local food sympathizers” from a variety communities, to bring them together, and to create connections and materials that will make them effective local food advocates.
The successful applicant will be involved in communicating information regarding various stages of the project both with the NFU-O community, the public at large, and targeted individuals and organizations.  Current avenues of communications include a weekly e-newsletter, website, mailings, phone calls, and various social media.  As well, he or she will work with the Membership Development Coordinator to create and collate materials specifically for the project and at the community’s request.
Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Engage with farmers, eaters, and food system stakeholders through social media, electronic communication, and face-to-face conversation. Some copywriting.
  • Assist with planning and promoting events as part of an outreach project to eaters and farmers.
  • Assist in raising awareness about local food, sustainable farming, and programs to improve the economic viability of rural and farming issues.
  • Give and gather feedback on the success of outreach and messaging.

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