Local Food Locator

You may also be interested in our seasonal availability chart. You can print out the Eating Close to Home listings in 8.5x11 format.

What is this map?

This map, the Local Food Locator, is an online, interactive version of the Eating Close to Home directory. It will show you the locations of farms on a map of the area, and give you information about who runs them, what they produce, and how to contact them. The Local Food Local can help you quickly find what you are looking for, but there is also a paper version in the latest edition of Food Down the Road.


How do I use this map?

This map displays markers for each farm on the directory, colour-coded by production methods (organic, conventional, etc.). You can click on a marker to bring up an infobox about that farm, which will give you its name, products, and contact information. Some infoboxes have an email or web address that you can use.

You can click-and-drag the map to move around it, or zoom in by double-clicking on a spot. The controls in the upper left of the map will also let you navigate and zoom in and out. The buttons on the upper left will let you choose to display roads, satellite imagery, or bottom.

Below the map are a set of checkboxes. You can use the top four checkboxes to turn on or off entire classes of farm. For example, if you only wanted to display certified organic farms on the map, you could turn off all of the other checkboxes. Or vice versa.

Below those four checkboxes, on the left side, are a list of different products produced by farms in your area. You can turn these on or off to display the products you are looking for. Use the buttons below them to turn on or off all checkboxes at once.

To the right of these checkboxes is a list displaying the farms you have currently showing. If you click on the name of the farm, it will pan the map window to that farm, and show you the infobox.

The map and list will show only the types of farms you have selected in the checkbox. For example, if you have checked only “certified organic” and “beef”, you will be shown only certified organic farms producing beef. However, if you select multiple products, like eggs, honey, and pork, you will be shown farms that produce one or more of those products (not just farms that produce all three).