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Farming with an Ipod

By Stuart Oke
It has been a quicker transition then one might think: suburban-raised kid to organic farmer in 5 years flat. The image of me manhandling the walk-behind rototiller, my sound dampening headphones on with my earphones tucked underneath, symbolizes that change. I plunge myself into a reality-muted Led  Zeppelin concert with Robert Plant singing me praises for my crop rotation and ecologically-minded farming practises…

New Season Coming

At the beginning of the New Farm Project this video was commissioned and it premiered at the first fall gathering. 


Kingston Local Recipies

Hello friends and supporters of local food,

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Local 316 NFU publishes "Plan to Grow"

Scaling Up local food in Kingston and Countryside

National Farmers Union Local 316 is pleased to present the final report of the Plan to Grow action research project, funded through our NFU New Farm Project.

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Food Down the Road officially launches

The latest edition of the Food Down the Road newspaper officially launched this Saturday at the Kingston Public Market. When the clock in City Hall chimed eleven o'clock, a flash mob of a hundred people converged to read the newspaper as a group, before dissolving back into the crowd a minute later.
Local and national media were in attendance.

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Inspiring Initiatives in Food Justice

Graduates from the St. Lawrence College’s Sustainable Local Food certificate program discuss three exciting food justice programs.


The revival of sustainable local food systems is increasingly being recognized as not merely a marketable idea but a matter of social and environmental justice—of food justice. Critics of the industrial food system advocate that access to fresh, nutritious, local food is a human right and that a radical re-imagining of our food supply is essential.  

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NFU’s “OpenFarms” Welcomes Visitors With Open Arms

Last September, over 30 farms throughout Eastern Ontario opened their doors to their communities by inviting the public to tour, taste and experience life on today’s local farm. By using the OpenFarms website, community members could view which farms were involved and design their own tour throughout the countryside and at several “urban farms”. The event included farms from Prince Edward County to Gananoque.

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